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Hello广播前的听众朋友们,大家下午好,这里是每周四准时与大家相约的movie zone,我是今天的主播邓蕾。

Today I will share with you the movie "call me by your name". But first, I want to say something that really gets me excited.

In the past October, the blade runner has been shown on the 27th. To be sure, villeneuve handed over an answer that pleased fans around the world. On the basis of the original worldview, he made a second excavation to explore the relationship between bionic people and human beings, whether to create and be created, or to replace it as the new world domination? It is very consistent with the human nature of his consistent drama. On the image side, under the lens and composition of old partner Roger deggins, the vibe and the breathless sense of the sense of feeling are being taken to the extreme. Audio-visual language, in this movie is a great bonus.



Now, let's focus on the movie.

"call me by your name," based on the novel of the same name by Andre eisimona, in Riviera, Italy, in the 1980s. The sudden love felt like a beast running out of the forest, holding the body and heart of 17-year-old Elio. He falls in love with his seven-year-old, an American college student who travels to Italy. The two men were fascinated, hesitant, and tempted to let their passion flow through the flow, achieving a first love that lasted only six weeks. It left a life mark for the boy, because they found it in the sweltering midsummer night, something that could never be found again in this lifetime: complete, complete intimacy.


Novels, movies, music, each other's destruction is too numerous to enumerate, each excellent also not difficult, but three things are all good and mutually complementary, truly rare.

Of the entire OST released now contains 17 piece of music, today I will choose 7 first, send you back to Italy in the eighty s vieira small town, where the 23-year-old American doctoral oliver, carrying luggage into a seaside old villa, see 17 elio. That's where the story begins.





Ravel is one of the representatives of the impressionist music, a classic of water in the impressionist music. Continuous waves of arpeggio and vibrato show the waves, the occasional surge, a melody that represents a floating boat, jolting from the end of the sky, and disappearing. The whole image corresponds to the texture of the story: on the coast of Italy, a young man with a unique love comes and goes, while the sea remains, the dark gushing.


早在去年官方就公布,本片配乐由美国音乐家Sufjan Stevens操刀,因为音译的关系,国内粉丝亲切地称呼他为“舒肤佳老师”,老师在我国知名度不高,但随着《唤吾汝名》的热潮,应该能圈一波粉。

There is a saying in lolita that there are three things people can't hide - poverty, cough and love. The secret love of a 17-year-old is so obvious that even the maid in the room can see the signs. How could oliver not know? On the side of the pool that called "heaven", in the attic of the two men's trysts, oliver had already answered airio in his own way.

I remember listening to one rule: when one person is completely infatuated with another person, this person inevitably falls in love with him. "Love, let every loved one have the unexempt earth to love" - this is what Francesca said in inferno.


片段中的插曲就是Love My Way,来自八十年代英国后朋乐队迷幻皮草,他们的歌不仅在当时的英国颇为畅销,也深受意大利、法国歌迷欢迎,这首Love My Way甚至登上了美国公告牌单曲榜TOP100。用在此处,非常妥帖。而跳跃的音符和微醺的嗓音,也映衬出两人共处时犹在云端的愉悦。

But time brings about the progress of the relationship, quickens the arrival of departure, and takes possession of you with the predestined feeling of loss, how sweet and painful the process is.The song "Trouble I'm In", writing to embrace the romance and boiling, joy and anguish. The beat of the bravado is like the heart like a drum, like the butterfly in the stomach who stirs its wings, but it also flies away from the sea of the broad.

关于意大利的盛夏迷情,还有太多美好无法尽呈。关于每首音乐的注脚,还要等电影上映时方能圆满。最后送上半首舒肤佳老师的“Mystery of Love”,夹杂着电影的声效和艾米·汉莫低喃的台词,撩死人不偿命。这首歌的完整版将于11月17日随原声带上架。

Some reports say,the most impressive is, in fact it can not be classified as gay movies at all, at least it's audience should not be limited to the LGBT community. The film is supposed to be a work of first love, which transcends the same-sex relationship between the two protagonists, and there are many similarities to the moonlight boy.

夏天终于过去了,冬天来临,多少个日夜,时间总会稍微抚平所有的疼痛。然而Elio所获得的短暂平静,又被Oliver的一通电话,搅得地覆天翻。两个人漫不经心地在电话里交流彼此的近况,得知Oliver要结婚的消息,Elio显得很平静,这是意料之中的事情。寒暄完,他们陷入了沉默,Elio陷在椅子里,用喃喃自语的腔调,开始一遍又一遍用自己的名字呼唤远在地球另一边的Oliver。你还记得当时,在你的怀里,你跟我说,Call me by your name, and I will call you by mine...少年在这一刻,又败下阵来。挂了电话,Elio漫不经心地从这个房间走到另一个房间,故作镇定似的表情轻松,炉火噼啪地响着,他走过去,蹲下,眼泪开始不听使唤地流了下来。摄像机在这里全程跟拍他哭泣的脸,随后演职人员名单出现,这个画面是电影最后的镜头,也是让人最为难过的画面。忘记你是我做过最艰难的事情,但你只是轻易地用一通电话,就让我前功尽弃。

When we grow up, we will experience the most authentic love, equality, respect and independence. Even if we are close together, also won't lose yourself, even if we stay away from, our connection remains deeply, but we will never be as connected to the matrix formed in the early years of life experience, we are a whole. This is the most painful loss we face as we grow up. This growth, as ang lee says, is very painful.

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